Ricky Michaels was a boy who was never accepted into the small community of Haven. With the entire town against him, Ricky was a loner... until Annie. They would secretly meet by the river, far away from the town's busybodies. When Annie disappears, and is later found dead in the river, the entire town accuses Ricky. With a biased sheriff on his case, Ricky becomes a fugitive. He does everything he can to find out what really happened to Annie, all the while mourning the loss of his one true love. With the help of some unlikely allies, the truth behind her murder is finally revealed. In the end, Ricky fulfills their dream and finally leaves Haven.

WINNER: Best Drama Feature Screenplay*

2009 Cinema City International Film Festival


Quarter Finalist: WeScreenplay 2016 Feature Contest

Former Title: Leaving Hazard

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